PITTSBURGH (AP) _ An attorney for Penguins co-owner Roger Marino decribes himself as ``dubious'' about Mario Lemieux's bid for the bankrupt team.

``Our fear is that Mario does not have a realistic and confirmable plan at this time,'' Marino's attorney, Harry L. Manion, said Wednesday.

His comments came as Marino and prospective bidders for the team, including Lemieux and Harvey Gainey, owner of a Michigan-based trucking company, prepared to meet in New York today with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Manion said Tuesday that Marino would step aside and let Lemieux buy the team unchallenged if Marino were repaid $5 million he lent the team and if Lemieux promised not to gut the roster to save money.

Penguins officials filed for bankruptcy in October, saying they needed to reorganize the team's finances.