LONDON (AP) _ An American tourist injured by a car that smashed into the gates that guard the entrance to Prime Minister Tony Blair's Downing Street residence left the hospital Sunday and flew home to New Jersey accompanied by a nurse.

Ursula Webster, 39, suffered a broken leg in the incident early Saturday afternoon and was treated overnight at St. Thomas's Hospital. Her three sons and husband were not hurt. Webster flung her 8-year-old son out of the way just before she was hit, witnesses said.

Police filed charges Sunday against the driver of the car.

Stephen Bonnett, 26, an engineer from Chelmsford, east of London, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm and dangerous driving, police said. He was due to appear in court Monday.

Witnesses said tourists were clustered at the gates that lead to Downing Street when Bonnett's car skidded and crashed. It was not immediately clear whether he is suspected of deliberately crashing into the ornate black iron gates or whether he simply lost control of the car.