MARJAYOUN, Lebanon (AP) _ Roadside bombs killed one Israeli-backed Lebanese militiaman and wounded another in south Lebanon today, security officials said.

The Shiite Muslim movement Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the two explosion outside the town of Jezzine, 12 miles north of Israel's panhandle.

A fighter of the South Lebanon Army militia was wounded in the first bombing at 2:30 a.m. and another militiaman died in a second blast nine hours later, said Lebanese security officials. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

The attacks came amid mounting tension in Lebanon following Israeli threats to bomb the Lebanese capital, Beirut, to avenge the deaths of Israeli soldiers. Seven Israelis have been killed by guerrillas in south Lebanon since mid-November.

Hezbollah's claim said the early morning blast ripped through a jeep traveling in a convoy of militia vehicles.

The victim in the second explosion was a militia security official, Jean Mukheiber, who was killed as he walked away from a militia checkpoint, the Lebanese officials said.

Hezbollah is leading a guerrilla battle to oust Israeli soldiers and their allied militiamen from an enclave that Israel has occupied in south Lebanon since 1985. Israel claims the occupation is needed to protect its northern towns from attack.