HONG KONG (AP) _ A Chinese tug boat and a Royal Navy frigate rescued 32 seamen from a sinking Taiwanese freighter Saturday, the Hong Kong Marine Department said.

A spokesman said crew members were taken off the Kwang Ta No. 2, which was reported to be listing badly, about 210 miles east of this British colony early Saturday.

The spokesman said 25 of the crewmen were taken aboard the Chinese tug Huajin and the seven others boarded the HMS Swift. One crewman remained on board the Kwang Ta, the spokesman said. All of the crew members are Taiwanese.

There were no immediate reports of injury.

The Marine Department said it received a distress call from the 3,000-ton freighter Friday evening, asking four ships in the area to rush to its assistance.

The Kwang Ta left Hong Kong for the southern Taiwanese port of Koahsiung on Thursday with a cargo of iron and steel scrap, the department said.

No other details were available.