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LONDON (AP) _ Samuel L. Jackson likes to wear his kilt ``Scottish style'' _ without underpants _ he said at the world premiere of ``The 51st State.''

Decked out in the distinctive Scottish garment and a wool sweater at the West End opening, Jackson said Tuesday that only cold weather and certain camera angles forced him to break with local tradition during filming.

``The kilt is extremely comfortable and quite warm as the material is thick and there's lots of pleats,'' the 52-year-old actor said. ``I have been wearing it Scottish style, though sometimes it's too cold or risky for the camera shot.''

``The 51st State,'' a comedy-action movie about an American who braves British crime rings in a bid to introduce a new designer drug to the country, was filmed mostly on location in Liverpool, England.

Jackson's character, Elmo McElroy, dons a kilt for parts of the movie.

``The 51st State,'' also staring Emily Mortimer and Rhys Ifans, is scheduled for release in the United Kingdom on Dec. 7 and in the United States in 2002.