BRISBANE, Australia (AP) _ A dingo attack on a 13-month-old girl has Australian authorities in a quandary: They want campers to be safe, but do not want to remove the indigenous wild dog from its habitat.

The dingo assaulted the girl Saturday night on Fraser Island, dragging her three feet from her family's camp before dropping her and fleeing when the girl's father showed up. Rangers shot and killed the animal Monday.

It was the third dingo attack in five weeks on the island, a popular camping area off the coast of eastern Australia. Two weeks ago, a British tourist was bitten on the leg after being chased by a dingo.

On Monday, Queensland Environment Minister Brian Littleproud said he does not want to forcibly remove the indigenous animals from the island, despite reports of packs of dingoes circling tourists there. The state has already moved crocodiles out of populated areas in northern Queensland.

``They're predators by nature and I think that they're becoming more accustomed to the human beings,'' Littleproud said, urging campers to take extra precautions for the time being.

Up to 200 dingoes live on Fraser Island.