Some unedited excerpts from letters sent by children to Santa Claus in North Pole, Alaska:

Why can't people know when your in the house? Can the reindeer talk? ... Can you leave me a sleigh bell off your harness please!

_ Lane

Please forgive me for my wrong mistakes. Me and my brother DO believe in you. We will have some YUMMY cookies waiting for you!

_ Alyssa

Every year more and more people stop beliveing and even though I am 11 so people laugh at me I still belive you. I was wondering since people are not beliveing if you could send me a picture of you and your elves. That will prove to all nonbelivers you are true.

_ Kelly

I would like to get things for my family but I have no money. I was hoping that you can help me by geting them ... and just put my name on them so they know I am thoughtful.

_ Bethany

I want a big bear hug ... I wish I could see you but I am allways sleeping ...

_ Taylor

Source: U.S. Postal Service