WASHINGTON (AP) _ The court-appointed monitor overseeing the selection of a new Teamster president formally submitted his election plan to federal court Tuesday.

In the timetable proposed by Michael Cherkasky, ballots would be mailed to union members Sept. 14 and the vote count in the rerun election would begin Oct. 14.

``The proposed timetable sets a reasonable and expeditious schedule,'' Cherkasky wrote in his petition to U.S. District Court Judge David N. Edelstein in New York.

The election will decide the successor to Ron Carey, who was re-elected as the Teamsters' president in 1996. However, Carey's slim victory over challenger James P. Hoffa was thrown out and Carey was barred from the rerun after an illegal scheme to funds his campaign from union funds was uncovered.

A federal grand jury continues to investigate the conspiracy to pilfer more than $800,000 from the union treasury to benefit Carey's campaign, and Carey faces expulsion from the union.

Facing Hoffa, the son of legendary Teamsters leader James R. Hoffa, in the rerun is Ken Hall, a confidant of Carey and a leader of the union's successful strike last summer against United Parcel Service.