TOKYO (AP) _ An unemployed man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly planting a bomb that was found at the site of Japan's worst nuclear accident, police said.

Tatsufumi Oshiba, 39, was detained on charges of manufacturing and possessing explosives, said Ibaraki prefecture, or state, police spokesman Yasuo Hasuda.

Oshiba, who has no permanent address, said he wanted to blow up the uranium reprocessing plant and then kill himself, Hasuda said.

On Thursday, police found 10 metallic cylinders containing gasoline attached to batteries and wires on a side street of Tokaimura, 70 miles northeast of Tokyo. There was no explosion.

At least 95 people were exposed to radiation last year when workers at the Tokaimura plant set off an uncontrolled nuclear reaction by using too much uranium to make fuel. One worker died from radiation sickness, and two remain in serious condition.