JERUSALEM (AP) _ Seventy-two Jewish prisoners slashed their wrists to protest conditions in the southern Israeli prison where they are jailed, a Prisons Authority spokesman said today.

All the prisoners were in good condition after the incident at Beersheva prison Friday, and most suffered only superficial injuries, spokesman Johnny Tester said.

''Their act wasn't suicide. It was a show, a protest. We've got peace and quiet at the moment. We hope it will last,'' Tester said.

Tester said the prisoners cut their wrists with razors and knives after they were disciplined Wednesday for bad behavior by having their telephone and exercise privileges revoked.

Tester said the prisoners had refused to do daily chores, such as cleaning their cells, and would not eat breakfast.

He said prison doctors treated the inmates, most of whom are jailed for petty offenses such as vandalism and robbery. None required hospitalization.

Tester said the prisoners' privileges were restored Saturday.