SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) _ President Patricio Aylwin said he does not like having former East German ruler Erich Honecker at the Chilean Embassy in Moscow and believes that a court ruling eventually will resolve the case.

In an interview published Sunday, the daily El Mercurio also quoted Aylwin as saying that the former Communist boss cannot stay at the embassy indefinitely.

Honecker, 79, sought refuge in the embassy on Dec. 11 to escape expulsion to Germany, where he faces manslaughter charges in the deaths of East Germans killed trying to escape to the West. Chile says Honecker does not qualify for political asylum, but has admitted him to the embassy as a ''guest.''

Aylwin, according to the interview, refused to discuss the status of negotiations with Germany and Russia.

The Chilean government says Honecker has the right to state his case to a Russian court before being expelled, but Bonn insists Chile must summarily order him out of the embassy so he can be sent to Germany to stand trial.