BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ Police shot and killed the alleged head of security for the Medellin cocaine cartel in another blow to the drug organization and its fugitive leader Pablo Escobar, police said Tuesday.

The death of Hernan Dario Henao brings to at least seven the number of alleged cartel members killed or arrested in the last two weeks.

Henao was killed Monday night when he resisted arrest by a special security team that has been searching for Escobar, who escaped from jail in July.

An anonymous caller had tipped police about Henao's whereabouts to claim a $125,000 reward offered by the government.

Henao, a cousin of Escobar's wife, managed cartel security operations in the Magdalena Valley area. He also was the administrator of many of Escobar's properties, Bogota's El Tiempo newspaper said.

Another alleged cartel associate, Diego Londono White, turned himself in to authorities Monday. He was wanted on charges of racketeering and collaborating in a kidnapping.

He surrendered after his brother, Luis Guillermo Londono White, was abducted and slain. His body bore a note signed by the Pepes, or People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar, a group that has vowed to attack Escobar's associates.

Jose Fernando Posada, considered by police to be the cartel's financial brains, surrendered Sunday. Three other cartel military leaders also have turned themselves in recently under a government offer of leniency.