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JERUSALEM (AP) _ A powerful car bomb exploded in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem on Saturday night as residents were leaving synagogues and returning to the streets at the end of the Jewish sabbath, police said.

A 1-year-old Israeli was killed and many people were injured, Alex Farkash, spokesman for Bikur Holim hospital, told Israel Radio.

``I saw a car park. Then two minutes later I heard a blast,'' a witness, who gave his name only as David, told the radio.

With sirens wailing, ambulances and police cars rushed to Mea Shearim, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in west Jerusalem. It is just across a main road from Palestinian neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

Police described the bomb as large but did not immediately have additional details. Firefighters hosed down a smoking car that appeared to be the one used in the blast, according to an Associated Press reporter at the scene. Rescue workers were carrying away the wounded on stretchers.

The blast occurred as observant Jews were leaving synagogues at the end of the sabbath, which runs from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

Palestinians had expressed outrage at Israel's military incursion into two West Bank refugee camps this week, and Palestinian militants had vowed to carry out attacks.