Undated (AP) _ Recent accidents in New York City attributed by authorities to illegal drivers:

June 3 - Emilio A. Rodriguez, 22, is struck and killed while riding his bicycle in lower Manhattan. The driver, Hugo Aznaran, 24, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving a car with a revoked license.

May 30 - Christopher Donohue, 29, a school custodian, is struck while bicycling and critically injured as he is dragged eight blocks through upper Manhattan. The driver, Stephen Ortiz, 49, had a record of eight license suspensions but evidently never had a license.

May 1 - Dejon Barra, 4, is killed by a car that runs onto the sidewalk, hits a pay telephone and strikes three other people, including a 2-year-old girl, in Brooklyn. The driver, Alexander Cephus, 43, had 63 pending license suspensions.

April 25 - Federico Santos, 2, in a stroller, is killed by a livery cab. His 5-year-old brother is critically injured and their mother and a blind woman are also struck while waiting at a traffic light in Brooklyn. The unlicensed driver, Kennedy Benoit, 26, had a record of ignoring at least five summonses in the previous year.

April 16 - Jonathan Medina, 8, is killed in a hit-and-run accident in Brooklyn. The driver, Mordechai Levy, 23, who later surrendered, had 41 license suspensions beginning in 1988.