Elena Kondakova this week becomes the 29th woman _ and the first Russian woman _ to fly aboard an American spaceship. In the 36 years of human spaceflight, only six women have flown on Russian spacecraft: three Russians, one Briton, one American and one Frenchwoman. A brief look at each:


1. Valentina Tareshkova: First woman in space, 1963.

2. Svetlana Savitskaya: Second woman in space, 1982. First female spacewalker, 1984.

3. Helen Sharman: British chemist wins contest and becomes first woman to live on Mir station in 1991 as well as first Briton in space.

4. Elena Kondakova: First Russian woman to live on Mir, 1994. Sets female world record for space endurance with 169-day mission.

5. Shannon Lucid: Launched aboard shuttle, becomes first American woman to live on Mir in 1996, launched aboard shuttle. Her 188-day mission sets new female world endurance record and U.S. endurance record for man or woman.

6. Claudie Andre-Deshays: Spends two weeks on Mir, 1996, becoming first Frenchwoman in space.