IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) _ The parents of a Peace Corps worker learned Thursday that their son, a volunteer in Nepal, was safe following an earthquake last weekend that killed at least 750 people in that country and neighboring India.

''They called this morning, that's the first we had heard about anything since the quake,'' said Arthur Giaquinta, whose 24-year-old son, Peter, lives in a village 10 miles north of the hard-hit Dharan Bazar township.

Jim Flanigan, a Peace Corps spokesman in Washington, said Peter Giaquinta was ''fine as far as we know.''

In Boston, the brother of Peace Corps volunteer Bettyjean Bouffard, 27, said Thursday she called her relatives to say she was safe. The call, said Dave Bouffard, was the first news the family had had of her safety.

''We're ecstatic,'' he said, adding that his sister had been living with a Nepalese family five miles from the earthquake epicenter.

Flanigan said the Peace Corps has been able to track down all but three of the 157 volunteers in Nepal. There are no Peace Corps members in India, he said.

The three, he said, are from Michigan, Wisconsin and the Philadelphia area; he declined to release their names.

''We have a problem with roads out, monsoon rains,'' Flanigan said. ''In the best of times, reaching some of these volunteers is several days.''