Here are the Wisconsin AP Member Exchange Features for Aug. 25-27:



LA CROSSE, Wis. — Liza Ramlow has been delivering babies for about five decades as a professional midwife, but the birth of baby Mercy was like no other. Delivered on the MV Aquarius in the Mediterranean Sea, the healthy baby girl was something of a miracle, her mother, Taiwo, having come aboard just 36 hours before giving birth, fleeing brutal violence in Libya. Ramlow, administering care on the Aquarius on assignment with Doctors Without Borders, was at Taiwo's side for the duration of the labor. By Emily Pyrek, La Crosse Tribune. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1476 words.


MILWAUKEE — Tim Huth loads up his truck with vegetables, meat and other food twice a week and drives it to two distribution sites in the Milwaukee area. There, members of his organic community-supported agriculture farm in the town of Sugar Creek visit the truck to grab groceries. His choice program isn't a free food pantry. Customers have to buy a membership plan at the beginning of the season. His program is designed to maximize flexibility at a time when this model of agriculture is struggling to retain customers. By Jim Dayton, The Janesville Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1255 words, photos.



MADISON, Wis. — This fall, Madison's Elver Park will host everything from space-like pods to soaring bridges to whimsically nautical teeter-totters. Children of all abilities, and ages, will be welcome. The sprawling structure will be the second of five "fully inclusive" playgrounds that the Madison Parks Division plans to construct in coming years. The Elver Park project, which soon begins installation, is set to be completed in October. By Isabella Dally-Steele, Wisconsin State Journal. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1044 words, photos.


KENOSHA, Wis. — The 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles may still be a decade away, but for one Kenosha youngster, that event can't get here soon enough. He plans on not just being there — his focus is on competing for gold. Prince Naseem Hassan, 9, won the 2018 USA Boxing National Junior Olympics title in the peewee 9- and 10-year-old division in June. By Dan Truttschel, Kenosha News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 858 words, photos.

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