WASHINGTON — Republicans win control of the U.S. Senate, capturing seats from Democrats in elections Tuesday shaped by deep voter discontent with President Barack Obama. With Republicans strengthening their majority in the House of Representatives, Obama will spend his final two years as president contending with a Congress fully controlled by opponents who have been determined to block his policies. AP Photos. AP Video.



WASHINGTON — Republicans claim a commanding majority in the House of Representatives, capitalizing on widespread dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama and national malaise to push their dominance to near its highest level in 65 years. AP Photos.


MADISON, Wisconsin — Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker wins re-election in one of several hard-fought gubernatorial races, boosting the conservative favorite's prospects as a potential presidential candidate in 2016. AP Photos. AP Video.


MEXICO CITY — Mexico's most-wanted couple, accused of running their town as a drug fiefdom and ordering an attack that killed six and left 43 college students missing, are caught in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood of Mexico City where they were hiding. By E. Eduardo Castillo. AP Photos.


MATAMOROS, Mexico — Mexican human rights investigators interview employees at an import car lot where the parents of three young Americans shot to death in Mexico say they found their vehicles. By Christopher Sherman. AP Photos.


MEXICO CITY — A decision on whether to try seven soldiers for the warehouse killing of 22 suspects was being considered by a civilian judge and was likely to come this week.


WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. and China must work together to stave off a global catastrophe from climate change. He appealed for greater cooperation between the two world powers despite strains between them over cyber theft and maritime security. By Matthew Pennington and Lara Jakes.


WASHINGTON — Three U.S. appeals court judges struggled Tuesday over whether the National Security Agency's phone data surveillance program is an intelligence-gathering tool that makes the nation safer or an intrusive threat that endangers privacy. By Pete Yost. AP Photo.


SAO PAULO — A federal prosecutors' office has alleged irregularities in the way Brazil pays Cuban doctors participating in a program set up to provide health care in remote areas, and is urging the country to pay the physicians directly rather than through their government.


KANSAS CITY, Kansas — A federal judge orders Kansas to allow same-sex couples to marry pending the outcome of a lawsuit challenging the state's ban, but he delayed enforcement of his order until next week to give the state time to appeal.


RICHMOND, Virginia — A Russian member of the Taliban makes his first appearance in a federal court, marking the first time a military detainee from Afghanistan has been brought to the U.S. for trial. By Larry O'Dell.



WASHINGTON — The U.S. trade deficit rose in September as exports slumped, a sign that the world's biggest economy is starting to feel the impact of weakening global growth. By Economics Writer Josh Boak. AP Photo.


NEW YORK — Alibaba's financial results in its first quarter as a publicly traded company highlight its strategy of plowing its profit back into investments, particularly in mobile commerce and marketing. By Technology Writer Mae Anderson. AP Photo.



NASHVILLE, Tennessee — In one corner you've got the starring members of the country boys' club: The veteran George Strait; the Australian guitar player who rocks the shaggy bangs, Keith Urban; the best-selling party boy Luke Bryan; and the funny, tall guy, Blake Shelton. In the other corner: A blonde with a megawatt smile — and a swag that is so tough, even all the boys are afraid of her. That's why Wednesday's Country Music Association Awards will be Miranda Lambert's big night. She is nominated for nine awards — more than any other artist — including entertainer, album, song and single of the year. By Music Writer Mesfin Fekadu. AP Photo.


LOS ANGELES — Maureen O'Hara's most recent film credit was more than a dozen years ago, but the 94-year-old actress said she's ready for a role anytime. "I don't worry about going to movies," she said. "I worry about acting in movies." O'Hara is among this year's recipients of honorary Academy Awards. She'll accept the Oscar statuette — her first — at the film academy's Governors Awards ceremony Saturday night alongside fellow honorees Hayao Miyazaki, Jean-Claude Carriere and Harry Belafonte. By Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen. AP Photos.


TORONTO — Time is relative, especially for young actors tasked with playing brilliant theoretical physicists. Eddie Redmayne estimates that the euphoria of being cast as Stephen Hawking for the film "The Theory of Everything" lasted a millisecond. Then came the overwhelming fear. By Film Writer Jake Coyle. AP Photos.


LOS ANGELES — A Disney princess no longer needs a prince to experience true love. Sisterhood saves the day in "Frozen." Motherly love breaks an evil spell in "Maleficent." A little girl's love of her own life is a focus of Pixar's next film, "Inside Out."Where romance was once the goal of the cinematic princess (think "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty"), Disney — long a key purveyor of princess ideology — is shifting its lens toward independent female protagonists defined by broader criteria than how they relate to men. Filmmakers, inspired by their daughters, hope the shift might change some real-life perspectives, too. By Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen. AP Photo.


LOS ANGELES — A squeaky-clean member of the Jonas Brothers no more, Nick Jonas is embracing his solo career and beefed-up image makeover. By Nicole Evatt. AP Photos.