FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ An executive jet taxing down a runway smashed into a window at an airport hotel when its brakes failed, slightly injuring a hotel employee but no one on the plane, a passenger and officials said.

''The pilot was obviously doing everything he could to stop the aircraft by reversing the engines and so forth. It was just kind of a crawling speed, but who could hold back a four-engine jet?'' the passenger, Minnesota financier Irwin Jacobs, said Wednesday.

Jacobs said he was in Fort Worth to visit one of his companies, the Ben Hogan Golf Club Co. The plane, a Lockheed Jetstar, was owned by JMC Air of Minneapolis, part of Jacobs' Jacobs Management Corp.

''I was the only passenger. There was the whole crew - captain, first officer and the stewardess. No one was injured,'' Jacobs told The Associated Press.

A secretary at the Sandpiper Inn at Meacham Field was sprayed with glass and suffered a minor cut on one finger, said Don Hansen, manager of the hotel.

About two feet of the jet's nose entered the lobby through a window before it stopped, Hansen said.

The plane suffered hydraulic failure before takeoff, traveling about 10 mph shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday, officials said.

Jacobs, of the Minneapolis suburb of Wayzata, is chairman of Minstar Inc., which manufactures and markets outdoor recreational products, primarily boats. This wee it was announced that Max Winter is selling his share of the Minnesota Vikings - 48 percent of the stock and one-third of the voting stock - to Jacobs, banker and two other people.

After the incident, Jacobs left Dallas on a commercial plane for Minnesota.