PHOENIX (AP) _ A man who donned a wig, skirt and stockings in a vain attempt to convince a jury he shouldn't be imprisoned for rapes his multiple personalities committed admitted Tuesday he made the whole thing up.

''I'm a manipulator and a liar and I guess I'm good at it,'' James Carlson told a news conference at the Maricopa County jail.

Carlson said he really does have a disorder called disassociative personality. But he said he was lying when he claimed he has 12 distinct personalities, including a shy 24-year-old named for Bud Bundy of the TV show ''Married...With Children'' and a 15-year-old boy named ''Woofie.''

Carlson, 32, said he studied multiple personality disorder so he could fool the jury, his lawyer and the therapist who testified in his defense.

''I thought I could get into a mental hospital,'' he said.

He faces up to 170 years in prison. His sentencing is Thursday.

Carlson said he was telling the truth now because he didn't want to keep living with the false reputation as ''the multiple personality guy.''

He was convicted Feb. 10 of sexually assaulting two women, kidnapping a third, trespassing in the apartment of a fourth and stealing checks from a fifth.

During his trial, he put on high heels, a light brown wig, pink sweater, skirt and makeup to testify in a soft, breathy voice as ''Laurie Burke,'' a 17-year-old lesbian prostitute. ''Burke'' said that as one of Carlson's personalities she was present during one of the rapes, which she said was committed by ''Jim,'' the protector of the persoanlities.

''I wore a dress and I knew exactly it was me wearing a dress,'' Carlson said Tuesday.

The psychotherapist who testified on his behalf, Edwin Yager, could not be reached for comment. A call to a San Diego listing for him rang unanswered Tuesday. Carlson's lawyer, Anna Unterberger, declined comment.

During the trial, she said of Carlson: ''We don't dispute that the body you see sitting there was at the places the prosecutor says he was. What is crucial was what mind controlled the body you see sitting there.''