LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Elizabeth Adams, the Beverly Hills madam who taught Heidi Fleiss the tricks of the trade and stayed out of trouble for years by sharing clients' pillow talk with police, died of a heart attack at 60.

Adams, who died Saturday, was ``the mother superior of prostitution,'' said her friend, Peter L. Knecht.

``This was the passing of a legend,'' he said.

Adams, who used the alias Alex Fleming and was known as Madam Alex, dispatched $2,000-a-day women to businessmen, entertainers and sheiks in hotel suites and cruise ships around the world for 25 years. Her operation brought in $100,000 a month.

She stayed off the police blotter for years by acting as a police informant, but her career crumbled in 1988 with a pandering conviction that drew her nothing more than probation.

Los Angeles detectives in the organized crime and intelligence unit testified in her defense, saying she was an important contact who had passed on information about murder suspects, drug and child molestation cases, terrorists and fugitive financier Robert L. Vesco.

Detective Mike Brambles said Adams supplied him with the identity of an Irish Republican Army terrorist who was reportedly planning to bomb Parliament.

``It's like losing a friend,'' said Fred Clapp, a retired vice-squad detective. ``In all the years we played cat and mouse, she never once tried to corrupt me.''

Adams was by turns a florist, a widow and an antique shop owner. By her own account, she was approached by a local ``English madam'' to buy out her client list.

Recently, it was her relationship with Fleiss that made news. Fleiss worked as her assistant before going into business on her own and becoming a rival in what Adams dubbed ``the Whore Wars.''

``She stole my business, my books, my girls, my guys,'' Adams said.

Fleiss was convicted this year of pandering and sentenced to three years in prison.

Adams' funeral was scheduled for Wednesday in Hollywood Hills. Survivors include her only child, Scott.