Latest developments concerning East Timor:

_ U.N. evacuates its compound in East Timor's capital, leaving only a skeleton crew

_ President Clinton suspends relations with Indonesia's military and insists its government allow in international peacekeepers.

_The Roman Catholic Church accuses pro-Indonesian militiamen of targeting nuns and priests in the predominantly Catholic territory.

_Refugees in militia-run camps in West Timor tell of massacres and arson attacks by anti-independence militias either backed or led by Indonesian army units.

_Foreign ministers at an Asia-Pacific summit demand that Indonesian leaders stop the militias. Some countries advocate an international peacekeeping force.

_Indonesian officials meet with a high-level U.N. delegation and again reject demands for U.N. peacekeepers.

_The U.S. military says the crisis doesn't justify sending U.S. troops.

_Indonesian President B.J. Habibie is buffeted by reports that the military has encroached on his powers, sending the stock market and currency into a nose-dive.