KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) _ The Atlanta Braves hope third baseman Chipper Jones can wait until after the season to have a bone spur removed from his right elbow.

The injury, which was caused by strain from the repetition of throwing, is fairly common, said team orthopedist Joe Chandler.

``He's had it for a while,'' Chandler told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ''...It's something we hope we can take care of at the end of the season.''

Jones said he has little pain from the injury _ except at night _ and is treating it with anti-inflammatory drugs.

``It hasn't bothered me that much,'' he said. ``It just bothers me when I get in front swinging left-handed.''

The National League MVP may need to rest more than usual, so Bobby Bonilla may be called on to help.

``I don't like taking days off,'' said Jones, who played in a career-high 160 games last season. But ``I wouldn't mind a couple of innings here and there.''

Jones was not at training camp Wednesday, but team officials said his absence had nothing to do with the injury.