MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin has launched her first attack ad of the general election against Republican challenger Leah Vukmir.

The spot released Monday targets Vukmir for her work with a national conservative group that draws up model legislation for state lawmakers to propose. Vukmir is on the national board of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

ALEC is a national organization that brings together state lawmakers and corporate lobbyists to craft legislation supporting free markets, limited government and federalism.

The group and its work is a frequent target of Democrats and other liberals.

Baldwin's ad calls ALEC a "shadowy organization" and alleges Vukmis is "not for us" because she took money from ALEC members to push its agenda in Wisconsin.

Vukmir's campaign says Baldwin is being a hypocrite because she took out-of-state donations from liberal special interest groups.