SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) _ ''Falcon Crest'' matriarch Jane Wyman, recovering from abdominal surgery, is expected back on the set of the CBS television series in three to five weeks, a publicist said.

''She's doing well and she's going to be discharged in a few days,'' Joni Martin, nursing supervisor at St. John's Hospital, said Sunday.

Hospitalized on New Year's Day with flu-like symptoms, the Oscar-winning actress and former wife of President Reagan has been in good condition since Thursday's surgery to remove an abdominal obstruction, Miss Martin said.

Miss Wyman, who marked her 72nd birthday Saturday in the hospital, will recuperate at her Santa Monica home for three to five weeks before returning to work, said Bob Crutchfield of Lorimar Productions, producers of ''Falcon Crest.''


KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) - Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, invited to this country by Nepalese disciples, says he wasn't hounded out of the United States, ''I was hounding America.''

He said Sunday he planned to settle in a small residence, not a commune, in the Himalayan mountains, either in India or Nepal. ''If the (Nepalese) king is happy for me to have a hut in Nepal, I'm absolutely willing,'' the 54-year-old guru said. ''I will love to be in a hut. It will be a palace for me.''

Rajneesh had told reporters in New Delhi on Friday that he would return to India to inspect sites for a permanent commune there. He already has five Rajneesh meditation centers in Nepal.

The guru left India in 1981 and established a commune in Oregon after he ran into tax trouble in his native country. He returned to India in November after pleading guilty to U.S. immigration fraud violations and agreeing to leave the country.


NEW YORK (AP) - Sen. Robert W. Kasten Jr. and his bride were returning to his home state of Wisconsin for their honeymoon after their weekend wedding.

The Rev. Norman Vincent Peale performed the Saturday rite for Kasten, 43, and his bride, Eva Jean Nimmons.

President Reagan sent his congratulations to the Republican senator, who met Miss Nimmons, 34, a New York advertising account supervisor, on the campaign trail in Sulphur Springs, Va., in 1983.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Before he created ''Star Trek,'' Gene Roddenberry battled muggers, thugs and thieves instead of Klingons.

Roddenberry, who produced the 1960s science fiction television series, is a former Los Angeles police officer. He is one of many, including best-selling novelist Joseph Wambaugh, who have traded the badge for the typewriter.

''I get quite a few calls from officers,'' said former Commander Joe Gunn, now a successful screenwriter. ''Everyone thinks it's easy to write. They say, 'I can do that. I have as many stories as anyone else.'''

Deputy Chief Jesse Brewer is adviser for the television series ''Hill Street Blues,'' and trained the cast how to use handcuffs and hold a gun. And Miami officials consulted the department before ''Miami Vice'' went on the air.

But Gunn said, ''If you were to make a show technically accurate, it would be one of the most boring shows on TV.''