DRUMS, Pa. (AP) _ Hugh Campbell III can't remember his life between 1980 and his liver transplant surgery in 1994.

``My wife had to introduce me to our five children,'' Campbell said. ``I thought they were still in grade school. I didn't recognize my grandchildren.''

Doctors don't know if Campbell, who is now in his mid-60s, will regain the memory he lost as a side effect to the surgery.

``One doctor said it won't happen and another said it could happen,'' he said earlier this month.

The 14-year gap encompasses some of the most prominent years of Campbell's career as an electrical engineer.

In 1992, as a manager for Pittsburgh-based Dravo Engineers, he went to China to help start a plant that converted low-grade coal to fuel. There's a photo of Campbell at the Great Wall of China but he doesn't remember being there and he can't recognize his co-workers in the picture.