PARIS (AP) _ A woman driving in the wrong direction plowed into a group of fans celebrating France's World Cup victory early Monday, injuring about 60 people, some seriously, rescue officials said.

The accident happened as the capital exploded in joy after its team beat Brazil for the championship. At least a million people streamed to the Champs-Elysees to celebrate.

A woman zigzagging down the avenue from the Arc de Triomphe in a black Volkswagen plowed into the partying fans, injuring about 60 _ seven seriously, officials said. None were critically injured.

``Apparently it was a crazy car, which drove for several dozen yards, knocking over people on its way,'' said Cmdr. Philippe Lavoil, a rescue official. Two hundred rescue workers in at least a dozen ambulances arrived to treat the victims.

Helmeted riot police lined the avenue, keeping revelers and curiosity-seekers away.

The driver was attacked by the crowd before police intervened, according to witnesses. The car was seen lying on its side.

The driver ``has fled but has been identified,'' Lavoil said.

Reports that the driver was apparently drunk could not be confirmed. There were suggestions she may simply have panicked when the car was set upon by crowds of revelers.

Witnesses said the woman dragged some people for several yards after hitting them.

One witness, Stephan Gueroui, said he'd seen the car coming down the Champs-Elysees the wrong way. ``A car was coming down the Champs-Elysees in the wrong direction,'' he said. ``It hit a group who was crossing.''