BEIJING (AP) _ Chinese sports authorities have banned two athletes from competition for two years and their coaches for one year for doping, according to a published report today.

Authorities also handed warnings to two other athletes for stimulant use, annulled their competition results, and banned their coaches for three months, the Guangming Daily said.

Stung by a series of doping scandals in recent years, Chinese sports officials have vowed to take tough measures against drug violators and their coaches. As part of stepped-up anti-drug measures, the Chinese Swimming Association plans to impose lifetime bans on even first-time steroid offenders.

The two athletes suspended for two years were Li Yi and Zhou Jing. The Guangming Daily did not say which sports they competed in, although it said the punishments were handed down by the Chinese Track and Field Association.

Zhou reportedly tested positive for steroid use, and their coaches also paid a $600 fine in addition to the one-year ban.