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DALLAS (AP) _ The FBI is investigating reports that paid police informants purchased white pool hall chalk to plant on innocent people before drug arrests.

Inquiries into the series of drug busts by Dallas police have resulted in the dismissal of more than 60 felony drug charges and suspension of two undercover detectives.

FBI agents confiscated chalk cones from the home of a jailed informant and collected receipts for large quantities of the substance from a supply house based on the statements of informant Reyes Roberto Rodriguez, federal Assistant Public Defender Karl Rupp said.

Gypsum, the substance identified in about two dozen cases that were later dismissed, is an ingredient of billiards chalk.

Rupp told The Dallas Morning News in Tuesday's editions that Rodriguez ``has inside information on every aspect of the fake-drugs arrests, and that information is likely to resolve the majority of the questions that the FBI and the media have had concerning what happened in the arrests.''

He identified Rodriguez as one of several informants who acted as a subcontractor to the Police Department's primary informant, Enrique Alonso. Rodriguez is being held on federal immigration charges.

Rupp said ``the million-dollar question'' that remains unanswered is whether police were involved in a scheme. Dallas police have said the officers believed the informants were credible.

Senior Cpl. Mark Delapaz and Officer Eddie Herrera, the two officers involved in many of the questionable arrests, remain on administrative leave with pay while the investigation continues.