Tips from the National Parent Teacher Association and the National Education Association on helping young children get the most out of homework:

_ Assume your children will have homework every night.

_ Ask them if they understand their homework. If they do not, work on a few examples together.

_ Ask to see their homework after the teacher returns it, to learn where they're having trouble and where they're doing well.

_ Stay in touch with their teachers. Ask about your children's classes and their studies. Ask their teachers how you can support what they are studying.

_ Don't be afraid to get in touch with the teacher if you and your child don't understand an assignment or if your child is having a great deal of trouble.

_ Don't do your children's work for them. Help them learn how to do it themselves.

_ Show your children that you think homework is important. If you are at work during homework time, ask to see their work when you get home.

_ Praise your children for doing well. Maintain a portfolio of ``best pieces.''

_ Ask your school for tips or guides to help your children develop good study habits.