TOKYO (AP) _ A Japanese man managed to climb 264 feet up Tokyo Tower _ one of the city's main landmarks _ before having second thoughts about the wisdom of his action.

Four hours after mounting the 1,100-foot tower's steel framework late Monday night, the 30-year-old man asked police to help him get back down.

He was lowered to the ground after a skyscraper painter secured a rope around the man's waist, and police arrested him on trespassing charges early Tuesday.

Dozens of people, including the man's wife, gathered at the base of the tower _ a neon-lit structure resembling an orange-and-yellow version of the Eiffel Tower _ to watch as the man waved and yelled at passers-by.

Kyodo News agency identified the man as Tsuyoshi Fukuchi, a Tokyo electrician, and said he was drunk and had been thinking of committing suicide.

The man told police he abandoned the climb because he feared he might die from exposure in the near-freezing weather.