KIEV, Ukraine (AP) _ Ukraine's top prosecutor charged a deputy prime minister on Monday with stealing Russian natural gas, in one of the country's highest-profile probes into official corruption.

Julia Tymoshenko denied any wrongdoing and claimed the case was orchestrated by political rivals, and she filed a complaint against Prosecutor General Mykhailo Potebenko, the Interfax news agency reported.

Tymoshenko was also charged with falsifying documents and tax evasion. She was accused of siphoning off 106 billion cubic feet of Russian natural gas piped through Ukraine.

Prosecutors previously alleged that Tymoshenko sold the siphoned gas outside the country and hid $1.8 billion in profits.

Moscow has long accused Ukraine of siphoning off gas that Russia exports through Ukraine to the West, and the issue has been a thorn in relations for years. There was no immediate comment from Russian officials on Monday's charges.

Tymoshenko was elected to parliament in 1997 and became deputy prime minister in charge of the troubled energy sector late 1999, joining one of Ukraine's most reformist governments since the Soviet collapse.

Tymoshenko insists that she is an efficient manager whose reform efforts have been thwarted by corrupt officials.