Some results concerning the preferences of different voter groups from Voter News Service exit polls on the 1992 and 1996 presidential races and from a recent poll on different voter groups by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. When results don't total 100 percent, the remainder either didn't know or refused to answer.



Keys to President Clinton's victory over Bob Dole

_Women: Clinton, 54 percent; Dole, 38 percent; Perot, 7 percent

_Blacks: Clinton, 84 percent; Dole, 12 percent; Perot, 4 percent

_Hispanics: Clinton, 72 percent; Dole, 21 percent; Perot, 6 percent

_Age 18 to 29: Clinton, 53 percent; Dole, 34 percent; Perot, 10 percent

_Independents: Clinton 43 percent; Dole 35 percent; Perot, 17 percent

_Gays: Clinton 66 percent; Dole 23 percent; Perot, 7 percent


Keys to Bill Clinton's victory over George Bush

_Women: Clinton, 45 percent; Bush, 38 percent; Perot 17 percent

_Blacks: Clinton, 83 percent; Bush, 10 percent; Perot, 7 percent

_Hispanics: Clinton, 61 percent; Bush, 25 percent; Perot, 14 percent

_Age 18 to 29: Clinton, 43 percent; Bush, 34 percent; Perot, 22 percent

_Age 60 and older: Clinton, 50 percent; Bush, 38 percent; Perot, 12 percent.

_Gays: Clinton, 72 percent; Bush, 14 percent; Perot, 14 percent.

The exit polls by Voter News Service, a partnership of The Associated Press and five television networks, of people leaving hundreds of polling places nationwide had error margins of plus or minus 1 percentage point, higher for subgroups.