DALLAS (AP) _ The woman convicted of murdering Tejano singing star Selena insisted again that the shooting was an accident in an interview with ABC televised Friday.

``They've made me out to be a monster. I just want to say, I did not kill Selena. It was an accident, and my conscience is clear,'' Yolanda Saldivar said in an interview on the news magazine ``20-20.''

It was Ms. Saldivar's first English-language interview since her conviction Oct. 23. She is serving a life prison sentence.

Ms. Saldivar did not testify during her trial. Her attorneys contended the gun went off accidentally and Selena was shot in the back in a Corpus Christi motel room March 31.

The interview was conducted Nov. 20th at a jail in Corpus Christi. Two days later, Ms. Saldivar was moved to the woman's prison in Gatesville, in central Texas, where she is serving her sentence.

As she did during a Spanish-language television interview Nov. 14, Ms. Saldivar said a tearful Selena came to her motel to discuss their business relationship and begged Ms. Saldivar not to leave.

Selena's family members testified at the trial that Selena was about to fire Ms. Saldivar, the former president of her fan club, out of concern that she might be embezzling money.

Selena's father, Abraham Quintinilla, also interviewed by ABC, said he had told Ms. Saldivar that he and the family would file a criminal complaint against her with police.

But Ms. Saldivar told ``20-20'' that Selena never told her she was about to be fired.

``I was telling her to leave. I told Selena, `It's over. I can't live with you no more. I can't work for you no more,''' she said. ``She went down, she grabbed my feet, and told me not to leave her.''

Ms. Saldivar said she picked up the gun, put it to her own head and told the 23-year-old singer to leave the motel room. Selena refused and went to close the door. Ms. Saldivar said she then waved the gun as she was gesturing, pointed it toward the door and the weapon fired, hitting the singer.

Ms. Saldivar said she never saw any blood, despite authorities' statements that Selena's blood was scattered about the room and spread in a trail to the spot where she died.

In her interview, Ms. Saldivar, 35, also said she had developed a mother-daughter relationship with the star.

``She was like a cuddly ... bear, a teddy bear, that she would allow me to love her. I told her that I loved her like a daughter,'' Ms. Saldivar said.