PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ A man who was kicked and punched by police in an arrest caught on videotape last summer pleaded guilty Monday to more than a dozen charges connected to a two-week crime spree that preceded his capture.

The arrest of Thomas Jones, 31, was broadcast just weeks before the Republican National Convention opened in Philadelphia, putting the police department on the defensive.

Jones pleaded guilty to charges including two counts of carjacking and 10 counts of robbery.

Jones was accused of leading police on a high-speed chase through North Philadelphia on July 12 in a stolen car full of purses and credit cards he stole over the course of that month. He was shot four times by police; an officer was shot in the thumb during the shootout.

Prosecutors allege Jones abandoned the stolen car and fled in a police cruiser. When it stopped, police yanked him from the car. A TV news crew in a helicopter taped the throng of officers as they repeatedly kicked and punched Jones before leading him away in handcuffs.

Sentencing was set for May 16.

It was not immediately known how much prison time he could get.

Neither of Jones' attorneys nor Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham immediately returned calls seeking comment Monday.