LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) _ A new outbreak of yellow fever has left at least 100 people dead across Nigeria, health authorities say.

More than 1,000 people died from yellow fever in southern Bendel state in July and August, and the disease claimed 50 victims last month in the northern state of Katsina.

Dr. Isaac Mebitaghan, director of public health services for Delta state, said this weekend that 100 people had died in the new outbreak in the Aniocha region.

Health workers have started vaccinating people in the affected areas, Mebitaghan said.

U.N. World Health Organization sources in Geneva say yellow fever began re- emerging after many African governments stopped vaccinations in the 1960s.

The disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, is characterized by high fever, jaundice and vomiting. It is easy to treat, but many people die because of inadequate health services.