NEW YORK (AP) _ Fred Savage said his 1993 exit from ``The Wonder Years'' left people wondering what happened to him.

Like other kids his age, he went to college.

``A lot of people say, `Well what have you been doing?''' said Savage, 21. ``Like I've been sitting around doing nothing. I've been busy writing term papers and reading books.''

He wrote a paper at Stanford University titled ``Catch a Falling Star: The Effects of Acting at an Early Age.'' His grade: A-.

Savage knows the troubles of child acting, starring since age 4 in 75 commercials, two movies and ``The Wonder Years'' for six years. He's taking a break from Stanford to return to television in the NBC sitcom ``Working.''

``I don't know what else I would do,'' he told Entertainment Weekly for its Oct. 17 issue. ``I guess I'm good with a hammer. I could be a carpenter or something.''