VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) _ A woman who considered loneliness a curse left $2.9 million to several agencies that serve the elderly, including $725,000 each to a day center and a Meals on Wheels program.

``She wanted to use the money to make life interesting for people who are over 60 who are retired,'' James Bozik, the attorney for Dorothy Risto, said Monday.

Bozik said he began distributing the money shortly after Risto, 78, died in 2004 and kept giving out the funds through last month. Risto's family had owned and operated a restaurant near Valparaiso University, about 20 miles east of Gary.

Barbara Kubiszak, director of the St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center, said the donation came as a surprise because as far she can tell, Risto never set foot in the center.

The same was true for Meals on Wheels, said Laura Harting, executive director of the Visiting Nurse Association, which runs the program.

``What a wonderful legacy this woman has left,'' Kubiszak said.

Risto also left money for the Porter County Cancer Society, the Porter County Council on Aging and the Valparaiso Parks and Recreation Department.