TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) _ Dante Bichette has a new hairdo, a few days after he was a walking hair-don't.

Bichette, now sporting a page-boy cut, raised eyebrows and drew the ire of Colorado Rockies manager Don Baylor when he reported to spring training Wednesday with shoulder-length locks.

``It was something fun,'' Bichette said Saturday, which also happened to be team picture day. ``All they had to do was ask me to cut it, and I'd of cut it. But everyone wanted to make a big deal about it.''

Bichette, the runner-up in last year's NL MVP voting, said he got the $12 haircut _ not including the $5 tip _ at a salon in the Tucson Mall on Friday night.

``The guy asked who I was and where I was from, and I said, `I play for the Rockies.' And he said, `Who's that? Where do they play at?' He had no idea,'' Bichette said. ``Meanwhile, I was walking down the mall and everybody's pointing at me.

``The guy didn't know who I was, so at least he wasn't nervous. He didn't cut it bad. He cut it straight.''

The new hair style, which is 2 to 3 inches shorter but still features pulled-back bangs long enough to hang past Bichette's mouth, should comply with Baylor's team rules requiring haircuts to be ``neat and clean.''

``It's acceptable,'' Baylor said. ``It's something new for me because I haven't seen the back of his neck in a long time.''

Bichette said his hair hasn't been this short since the 1994 players' strike, and he was planning to get it cut this year anyway.

``So I get here and they make a big deal about it,'' Bichette said. ``But it's all in fun. It's no big deal. It's Hollywood, man. It's Hollywood.''

Hooray for Hollywood and haircuts.