LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Raquel Welch, who recently celebrated her 61st birthday, says it's ridiculous to be called a sex symbol at her age.

``You can be a legitimate sex symbol up 'til the age of 35 and then after that you just can't take that seriously,'' says Welch, who parlayed her success in 1966's ``One Million Years B.C.'' into a serious acting career.

That's why she jumped at the chance to spoof her image in ``Tortilla Soup,'' also starring Hector Elizondo.

``As I was coming up to 40 I was looking for bread crumbs along the road of sex symboldom,'' she said. ``And I couldn't find any that were very positive. Most of the American sex symbols have come to rather tragic endings.''

Her other films include ``Kansas City Bomber,'' ``The Three Musketeers,'' and this year's ``Legally Blonde.''