BERLIN (AP) — German federal prosecutors say they've charged two men with membership in a terrorist organization fighting in Syria.

Prosecutors said Wednesday Fatih K., a 35-year-old German, and Fatih I., a 27-year-old Turk, are accused of membership in Islamic extremist group Junad Al-Sham. Their surnames weren't given in accordance with privacy laws.

Prosecutors say the two traveled to Syria in June 2013 for paramilitary training with the group, whose goal is to see Syria governed under Islamic Sharia law.

Fatih K. is accused of fighting with the group and working as a cameraman on propaganda films. Fatih I. is accused of providing the group 30,000 euros ($38,000), including 25,000 euros defrauded from a German bank.

Both returned to Germany later in 2013 and have been in custody since March.