Details of first Clinton-Gore television ad.

Time: 30 seconds.

Title: ``Future.'' It had been called ``Cherish,'' but the name was changed after the tape was released.

Producer: Squier Knapps Ochs.

Text: (Clinton's voice throughout with video clips and sound bites taken from his State of the Union speech)

``Our first challenge is to cherish our children and strengthen America's families.

``They must be able to buy health insurance policies that they do not lose when they change jobs, and to make up to $10,000 a year of college tuition tax deductible, and to preserve Medicare and Medicaid.

``I challenge this Congress to send me a bipartisan welfare reform bill that will really move people from welfare to work. We have got to work together if we want America to work.''

Key Images: Children at play, a mother with her family, a father going to work carrying a lunch box.

Goals: To be seen as presidential, caring.

Analysis: Warm and fuzzy images of a serene, secure family. The ad projects such soft images, while at the same time putting responsibility for not passing welfare reform squarely on the Republican-controlled Congress.

It's an answer to Republican portrayals of Clinton's failure to ``change welfare as we know it,'' as he promised in 1992. Republicans have been hitting the issue hard since Clinton vetoed a GOP welfare reform plan.


Analysis by Harry F. Rosenthal, Associated Press writer.