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LOS ANGELES (AP) _ It might have seemed like a bright idea when Jennifer Lopez agreed to name her new line of perfume ``Glow by J. Lo,'' but the folks at Glow Industries are taking a dimmer view.

The name represents a trademark infringement, according to the Los Angeles-based company, which sells scented products, including a perfume called Glow.

The company, which filed suit in August, went to court Thursday seeking a preliminary injunction stopping Lopez and fragrance partner Coty Inc. from using the name until the matter is resolved.

Attorney Lisa Pearson, who represents Lopez and Coty, argued that the two product lines are packaged and sold to different buyers. Lopez' perfume, lotion and shower gel are found in department stores, she said, while Glow's bath and body products are sold in specialty stores.

Pearson also pointed out that the names aren't exactly the same.

``The name is a composite,'' she said of Glow by J. Lo. ``And these are two different genres of products.''

U.S District Judge Margaret Morrow ordered both sides to return to court Dec. 6 for another pretrial hearing.

``At this point, she may want us to submit additional evidence on how my client's business will suffer severely between now and the trial if the injunction is not granted,'' Glow attorney Arthur Aaronson said.