CALGARY, Alberta (AP) _ While the world waits to see if Dan Jansen can win a medal in memory of his sister, a plane will be waiting to whisk him home to help bury her.

Tonight's 1,000-meter speed skating race will be Jansen's last chance for a medal in the Winter Olympics.

As soon as it is over, the 22-year-old will be flown home to West Allis, Wis., on a private flight arranged by the U.S. Olympic Committee so Jansen can rest before Saturday's funeral.

Jane Jansen Beres died early Sunday after a 13-month battle with leukemia. Jansen raced in the 500-meter event just a few hours after her death, but fell on the first turn.

''Dan seems to be in good shape mentally, really sound. He skated well in practice,'' Coach Mike Crowe said Wednesday. ''I think he's confident, he's a lot more up, a lot more focused, a lot more keyed on what he's doing. I think he will be 100 percent.''

Besides battling his emotions, Jansen will be skating against a very strong field on a very fast track at the University of Calgary's indoor Olympic Oval.

Jens-Uwe Mey of East Germany, who won the 500 meters in world-record time, Igor Zhelezovsky, Nikolai Guliaev and Sergei Fokichev of the Soviet Union, Japan's Akira Kuroiwa and defending Olympic champion Gaetan Boucher of Canada all are medal contenders.

''Nobody can run away with any race,'' said Boucher.