LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The organist pounded out ''Hooray For Hollywood'' as members of ''The Little Rascals'' and others mourning filmmaker Hal Roach filed out at the end of a funeral Mass.

About 200 people attended Thursday evening's service at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in suburban Westwood.

Roach, who created the ''Our Gang'' comedy shorts and teamed comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy on celluloid, died Monday at age 100.

The service turned out to be a reunion for some of ''The Little Rascals,'' as ''Our Gang'' was renamed. George ''Spanky'' McFarland, Tom ''Butch'' Bond, Eugene ''Pineapple'' Jackson and Darwood ''Waldo'' Kaye were at the service.

About 30 members of the Los Angeles chapter of the Sons of the Desert, the Laurel and Hardy fan club, also paid their respects.

Roach will be buried in his hometown of Elmira, N.Y., near the graves of his parents, brother and Mark Twain, whom he knew as a child.

Roach started in Hollywood as a cowboy extra at $5 a day and rose to command a comedy factory that produced hundreds of shorts that started in the silent era.