OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) _ A murder suspect with AIDS who attacked another inmate with a razor blade _ his third assault since being incarcerated _ was ordered to wear a hood resembling a beekeeper's bonnet during trial.

Benjamin Gonzales, suspected in the 1992 killing of a Livermore rancher, attacked the inmate with a blade hidden in his mouth, prosecutors said Tuesday.

After a court appearance Nov. 5, Gonzales pinned the inmate to the floor of a van and slashed him on the face, head and neck with a razor blade clenched in his teeth, said an Alameda County sheriff's deputy who was driving the inmates to jail.

``I felt that he was trying to exchange bodily fluids,'' Deputy Sheriff William Borland testified.

Authorities also believe Gonzales used HIV as a weapon when he spit and stabbed his attorney with a pencil outside a courtroom in 1995 and bit another inmate in the mouth in 1994.

On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Horner, who ordered shackles for Gonzales two weeks ago, said he would be ``derelict'' if he did not order extra security measures.

Gonzales is set to stand trial next week in the slaying of Barbara Muszalski, a rancher he worked for in the early 1990s.