MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Arturo Tolentino said Monday he was dropping his claim to the vice presidency, which he had said he won as ex-President Ferdinand E. Marcos' running mate in last year's election.

Tolentino said ratification of President Corazon Aquino's new constitution in a plebiscite Monday nullified a 1973 charter made Mrs. Aquino's administration the legitimate government of the Philippines.

The charter gave a six-year term to Mrs. Aquino, who had headed a revolutionary government under a special ''freedom constitution.''

Marcos and Tolentino had declared themselves winners of the Feb. 7, 1986, election despite widespread allegations of fraud. Mrs. Aquino, who also claimed victory, was swept to power by a civilian-backed military rebellion that sent Marcos into exile in Hawaii.

Last July, Tolentino and a group of rebel officers took over the Manila Hotel and proclaimed Tolentino president based on the alleged victory in the February election and the fact that Marcos had fled the country. The move quickly fizzled.

''The ratification of the 1986 constitution supercedes the 1973 constitution ... and all the offices of that constitution cease to exist,'' Tolentino said at a breakfast meeting with reporters.

''There is no office I can claim anymore,'' he said.

Tolentino, a former senator and foreign minister, has said he plans to run for the Senate in May elections.