BONN, Germany (AP) _ The German government is setting up a 200 million marks ($111.1 million) fund to pay restitution to victims of the Nazis who thus far have not been compensated, the finance ministry said Saturday.

The ministry said the fund is intended for some 18,000 victims of the Nazis from eastern Europe, after which they are to receive further payment from a fund for Holocaust survivors.

The ministry made the comments in confirming a report by Der Spiegel weekly magazine Saturday, that the government had reached agreement with the Jewish Claims Conference after months of negotiations on payments to victims who thus far had received none.

In addition, the agreement simplifies the criteria for seriously impaired Jewish victims in western countries to allow more victims to receive compensation, the magazine said.

In the past, when establishing restitution payments based on the length of time a victim was held in a Nazi concentration camp, the time spent in similar work camps in Austria and on the Austrian-Hungarian border was not considered, the magazine said.

No one could be immediately reached Saturday at the Jewish Claims Conference for comment.

Germany has paid more than 100 billion marks ($55 billion) to survivors of the Nazi regime, but those living in the Soviet bloc could not apply for compensation during the Cold War.

After the collapse of communism, Germany gave 1.8 billion marks ($1 billion) in one-time payments to east European victims of all ethnic groups that suffered under the Nazis.

Jewish groups had argued that eastern European survivors deserved the same kind of direct, monthly compensation from Germany as their counterparts in western Europe. They got support from the Clinton administration and 82 U.S. senators, who signed an open letter in August 1997 urging Germany to pay the pensions.

The German government promised at that time to find a solution for eastern European Jews.