LONDON (AP) _ Frank Warren, the boxing promoter who handled Mike Tyson's January fight in England, was cleared Monday of avoiding $1.8 million in taxes.

The decision by the jury ended a five-week trial. Warren's former business partner was found guilty of tax charges and is awaiting sentence.

The prosecution contended Warren violated tax law to pursue a lavish lifestyle. He was accused of going on a 21-month, $5.85 million spending spree and indulged in expensive home improvements, paintings, furniture, antique books and cars.

Warren told the jury he left tax matters to others and had no idea anything was wrong. He questioned the value of the items listed by the prosecution and said many of them were business related.

``I am no angel, and I'm not making myself out to be an angel,'' he said. ``I don't paint myself to be some whiter than white guy but I have not done anything dishonest. My life is an open book.

``I would hate to see anyone else go through this. It was a terrible nightmare and at the end of the day I am vindicated and I can say delighted about that.''

Warren's former partner and one-time bank manager, Christopher Roberts, was found guilty in connection with a $52,500 tax that had been due from an earlier fight promotion business run by the two men.

Warren promoted Tyson's comeback fight against British heavyweight champion Julius Francis in Manchester. He has also handled title fights involving Naseem Hamed, Frank Bruno and Nigel Benn.