STROUDSBURG, Pa. (AP) _ A couple befriended an elderly widow and drained her $50,000 bank account, then fired a bullet through her head and buried her under a refrigerator, police said Monday.

Amy Bisher of East Stroudsburg surrendered to police Monday, and an arrest warrant was issued for Dorian Suarez, an unemployed insurance salesman, said Cpl. John Hudson of the state police.

The body of Karlene Muddel, 86, was found Sunday near a dump on Suarez's property. She had been dead for about two weeks, authorities said.

Neighbors reported her missing Sept. 13.

Ms. Bisher, 27, pleaded innocent to a murder charge and is being held without bail at the Monroe County Jail in Stroudsburg.

Hudson said Mrs. Muddell's name had been forged on documents giving Ms. Bisher power over the widow's money and property on Aug. 20 and that Ms. Bisher and Suarez, 37, were photographed withdrawing $50,000 from the widow's account.

''She was a lonely widow, and I think she was probably looking for companionship,'' Hudson said.

An autopsy revealed that Mrs. Muddel died from a single gunshot wound to the head, Hudson said. Police found the widow's body buried a few feet below the refrigerator.

''The guy practically gave us an invitation saying 'Dig here,''' Hudson said.

Hudson said police were looking for Suarez in Massachusetts, where he was believed to be on a job interview.